Just Perfect Staffing Solutions is a specialist recruiting agency, with placements both locally and internationally, since 2007. We have earned the trust and respect of our clients due to our values and dedication.

We believe recruiting is not only about matching a jobseeker with an employer, but rather building a long lasting relationship between the parties. We take time to understand and accommodate the needs and expectations of both parties. For us it is all about building and managing careers of individuals and the success of companies and projects.

We realise that time is a valuable asset, and that time lost can rarely be regained. We therefore ensure that our clients do not waste this valuable asset by interviewing candidates that are not suitable for the position. In order to achieve this, we analyse your requirements and familiarise ourselves with the way in which your company operates. In doing this, we can source and recommend only the most suitable candidates.

About Just Perfect Staff Solutions

Just Perfect Staffing Solutions specialises in providing our clients with managerial personnel, both locally and internationally for temporary and permanent employment.
We understand that the success of any business and project is reliant on having the right people in the organisation. Success is driven by positive attitudes, enthusiasm, motivation, loyalty, hard work and obviously adequate knowledge, skill levels and qualifications. These are some of the qualities that we look for in candidates.

Just Perfect Staffing Solutions targets a specific section of a large market for a reason. This specific section of the market is linked with high risks if incompetent candidates are placed. In specialising on a niche market, it allows us to concentrate on a section which we have extensive experience in and ensures that we spend the necessary time in conducting a proper evaluation of the candidates, therefore mitigating unnecessary risks.
In the event that we are unable to source the perfect candidate, we will notify our client accordingly and continue our search. We do not believe in compromises and will under no circumstances propose second best.

We specialise in recruiting for the Engineering and Construction fields.